What happens after checkout? That depends on whether you’re ordering pizza, and whether you’re having it delivered.

Just a booze order for pickup?
Your order will be ready to pickup from 3pm. We’ll be around for pickups until about 7:15, but we start making deliveriest at 5pm, so give us a call on 07888 887465 if you’re nearby.

Just a booze order for delivery?
You’ll be in the first round of deliveries, between 5 and 6pm. If you’re not in Sneinton, we might have to logistics it a bit, and tie you in with a pizza delivery. We’ll text you when we’re on our way.

Pizza pickup, with or without booze?
You’ll get a phone call to arrange a pickup time. If you don’t get one by 4pm, please call 07888 887465 and we’ll sort you out.

Pizza delivery, with or without booze?
We’ll text you when your pizza goes into the oven, and when we’re on our way. If you need a more precise time than 5:30pm to 7pm, please call!