We’re getting ready for opening on May 17th – and carrying on with off-sales until then!

Beer & Pizza!

Until we open on 17th May, we’ll carry on providing freshly poured ale and sourdough Secret Pizza. Thanks for supporting us, especially in this half-open period.

Pickup & Delivery!

After a brief period when it was illegal to let you pick up your beer, all orders will now be available for pickup and delivery again.

Delivery Areas

We deliver to all of NG1, NG2, NG3, and some areas of NG5 and NG7. Check the options that appear when you enter your postcode – Pickup is always an option!


Choose the pizza you want, then the day you want it – we deliver from 5pm to 7pm.

VEGAN OPTION: Veganese – San Marzano tomato base, with shallots, kalamata olives, wild rocket, AMC oregano and capers with fresh basil

VEGETARIAN OPTION: Lei Rosso – 18 month vintage Red Leicester, shallots, home-made balsamic glaze on a San Marzano tomato base

MEATY OPTION: Saltichon pork salami and mozzarella on a black olive tapenade base, with artichoke hearts, and AMC oregano.


Jaipur’s was tapped on Monday, which mean’s it’ll be in perfect form for deliveries on Thursday to Saturday. And there’s fresh cider from Blue Barrel, an all!