Plastic Gift Card


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Select the value you want to buy – you don’t have to have the default of £20!

Featuring a goat having a pint, these exquisite plastic oblongs entitle the holder to pint after pint of delicious liquids.

The two pounds we’ve added to the price is a deposit on the Gift Card, which were surprisingly “not cheap” to get made. Hand it in when it’s worn out and we’ll give you the money back!

We’re not profiteering here –  just trying to get a bit of cashflow going before we’re allowed to re-open.

Don’t worry – if you buy a card and lose it, we should still have a record of it, and if we do, we can still honour the credit. To be on the safe side, take a photo of the back of the card – the sixteen digit code on the back is all we need to get you the money. 

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